A Day in the Life as a Clinic Volunteer

Tuilei and her friend Ilene, along with Tuilei’s mom Luana, do so much as volunteers for the single veterinary clinic in American Samoa. Recently, Tuilei wrote about her experience volunteering during Coconut Mutts’ volunteer veterinarian program with Dr. Bret Grover. Read more to experience helping animals through Tuilei’s eyes.

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How a Kitten Created a Cause

“I could feel every bone in the kitten’s body. I could not only feel the raised bumps of her spine, but the individual rounds of each vertebrae. The kitten’s head was too big for her body, a sign of malnourishment. She also had the most beautiful blue-green eyes I had ever seen. But, they were coated with so much pus and goop that she could barely open them.”
Read Coconut Mutts Founder/Director Kelsey Johnson’s bittersweet account of a tiny kitten that sparked a big idea.

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