Community Dog Food Distribution Program

One of the new efforts Coconut Mutts has initiated along with the endless support of volunteers is a Community Dog Food Distribution Program. With dog food shortages on island and the price of available food often high, our organization has begun to supplement efforts of local community members who already are taking care of dogs that don’t have homes themselves.

Often these amazing people are spending their time after work, in the evenings and on weekends taking care of community dogs and getting them additional care when able. After sharing a video she took herself of one of the dogs she takes care of, Coconut Mutts Board Member Luana participating in the program herself. “You can’t see it but his back right leg is broken…Not neutered. Beautiful boy. Looks like he was loved once.”

Thank you as always to our donors for making programs like this possible and the amazing community members who love and care for those animals who need it most.