American Samoa

By Coconut Mutts Contributor: Kaitlin Murphey

What do you picture when you think of a tropical Pacific island? Palm trees arching over white sand beaches? Jungle-draped cliffs rising above azure coral reefs? A unique fusion culture of Polynesian tradition and modern sensibilities? American Samoa has all that. How about high rise condos and luxury resorts? Fancy boutiques and 5-star restaurants? Reliable transportation and bumping nightlife? Those things…not so much.

If you have a globe, or Google Maps, draw an imaginary line between Hawaii and New Zealand. Somewhere about halfway, surrounded by incomprehensible distances of ocean and sky, lie the Samoan Islands. The western half of the archipelago, known simply as Samoa, is an independent nation and emerging tourist destination. The eastern half makes up American Samoa: including the main island Tutuila, two smaller inhabited islands Ta’u and Ofu-Olosega, and two satellite atolls, populated mostly by nesting seabirds. Learn more here.

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View of the Pola Island in American Samoa