Healthy Pets, Healthy Island Program

We are proud to share that Coconut Mutts in partnership with the ASG Department of Agriculture Veterinary Clinic in American Samoa successfully met our goal of sponsoring spay/neuter surgeries for 300 animals over the past three months! Spaying and neutering is one of the most productive and helpful things that can be done to prevent a cat and dog overpopulation problem in American Samoa and to promote animal health. From October-December, we coordinated with clinic staff to support the increased procedures and veterinary services.

The first month of our Healthy Pets, Healthy Island campaign was October and 100 dogs were spayed/neutered. Most of the females had had multiple litters and the clinic was able to treat those females suffering from transmissible venereal tumors. During the second month, 101 cats were spay/neutered and vaccinated. December was dedicated to sponsoring 100 female animals – dogs or cats. We surpassed that goal to a grand total of 102 female dogs and cats.

We would like to thank our international community and donors who made this program possible. Through your compassion we were able to provide much needed support and resources for animals in American Samoa and we look forward to future spay/neuter campaigns!