Rescue Stories

Follow along with these stories about some of our favorite mutts and their transformations.


Mixed feelings today. Happy to be able to provide much needed support to help animals like little Leo, but sad that he’s so sick. Dr. Kristen found Leo abandoned in a local park this weekend. He has mange, parasites (including being covered with ticks) and he’s severely malnourished. Donations to support Leo’s care and other like him can be made hereWe’ll be posting updates about the puppy as we hear news from the clinic.

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Update: We hate ticks. H. A. T. E. Little Leo is a prime example of the tick infestations we see on many of the animals rescued in American Samoa. The parasites burrow themselves into the animal’s skin creating dense, disease carrying clusters. Luckily for Leo and others fortunate enough to arrive at the clinic, they receive medication and care to combat the vicious bloodsuckers. #Bravecto in particular has been a medication the clinic has been able to use to combat parasites in their canine patients. Leo is directly benefiting from Coconut Mutts donations and purchased supplies. Please consider donating to his care and others like him here.

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Update: Good news, y’all! Leo is tick free! Those voracious bloodsuckers kicked the bucket soon after vet staff gave Leo the meds he needed. And on top of that…he’s growing hair 🙌!!! He still has healing to do to completely get over mange and other parasites, but things are looking up for this sweet little guy.


Update: Prepare yourself for cuteness overload…Leo made a friend 🐶🐶! Meet his new buddy Angel 😇. Angel was found on the road by a construction worker who brought her in to the clinic. Her entire body was covered in sores from head to tail. She and Leo have been recovering together and have been inseparable since they met.


Update: Leo is ready for adoption! Look at that smile 😁! This perky pup has been through so much, but we’re thrilled that he’s feeling better! Swipe left to see his transformation. He’s parasite free, up to date on his shots and neutered 🙌. If you’re in American Samoa and interested in adopting Leo, contact the ASG Department of Agriculture Veterinary Clinic.


Update: Great news! Leo was adopted yesterday along with his best pal Angel! These two pups were inseparable the minute they met at the clinic. We’re so happy that they’ll be growing up together in the same #foreverhome.



When Dr. Kristen saw this dog on the side of the road, she didn’t hesitate to rescue him. He was scared and aggressive so she grabbed a recently donated comforter from her truck and, “threw it over him and scooped him up. He bit me through the comforter so it wasn’t so bad. I had tried to put a leash on him, but he was snapping and biting.” We can only it guess how long he’s been living like this. His dramatic hair loss is due to mange. He’s starving and full of parasites. He’s getting necessary treatment including Bravecto for the mange. We were able to supply the Bravecto through generous donations we’ve received. We’ll be posting updates about the puppy as we hear news from the clinic. Please consider donating towards his care. Donate here.


Update: Oscar has been receiving treatment for mange, malnourishment and parasites. Socialization is also a key prescription the clinic doles out. And Oscar needed a heavy dose. Scared, aggressive, sick and starving, he sequestered himself in his kennel and tried to bite clinic staff if they got too close. He came to be known as Oscar due to his grouchy behavior (#sesamestreet). But the staff has persisted. Gently and with patient kindness the staff has coaxed Oscar out of his shell. He’s learning to love and be loved. Much like his namesake, underneath his toughened outer shell, a sweet, gentle soul hides beneath.


Update: Notice anything new about Oscar? HE HAS HAIR 🙌🙌🙌!!! That little bit of peach fuzz is a big win! Oscar is suffering from mange, which is caused by mites that burrow and breed in a dog’s skin. Mange is a very common problem in American Samoa, and comes in two forms: demodectic mange, which is a non contagious mite that causes problems in growing dogs or immunosuppressed dogs; and sarcoptic mange, a mite contagious between dogs, especially the street and stray dogs here on island.


Update: Who is this happy, hairy guy?! It’s Oscar! Can you believe?! He still receiving care for mange, but the progress is plain to see.He’s spending a lot of his new found wellbeing trying to convince others to play with him 🐾. While he’s friendly and affectionate with clinic staff, he’s still wary and fearful of new people. This is understandable considering the state of neglect and poor health Dr. Kristen found him in. The clinic staff is continuing to work to socialize him so he can finally find his forever home. Thank you to everyone who has donated towards Oscar’s care and to others like him. #Oscar


Update: Guess what?! Oscar got adopted 😄🙌!!! Dr. Kristen sent these photos of a super happy Oscar. Swipe to see his transformation. His new forever home has LOTS of space and four other rescue dog siblings. It’s a perfect situation for Oscar to continue to be socialized and heal from his traumatic start. Thanks to the clinic for the miracles they do and thanks to the folks in American Samoa who open their homes to deserving animals like Oscar. Donations to help others like Oscar can be made through this link. #Oscar

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