With lush tropical rainforests and pristine coral reefs, American Samoa could be considered paradise. The Humane Society International estimates that there are more than 10,000 street dogs on the main island of Tutuila in American Samoa alone They are considered free-roaming, unsterilized animals. For an island that is only ten miles across at its widest point, it is a common sight to see these animals trotting along roads, scrounging for food outside grocery stores and resting under coconut tree. There is no veterinarian on the island. The islands are served by only one veterinary clinic.

Coconut Mutts is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that was inspired after members of our team spent time living and visiting American Samoa. They witnessed the plight of animals on the island and the limited amount of resources available to address animal rescue and welfare. Under the guidance and compassion of local veterinarian staff, our team found a cause and tried to help however possible. Our team has picked up puppies out of ditches, carried them through airports, cleaned blood from their wounds, given them their medications and comforted them. Some live with us now. Some did not overcome their injuries and are buried under the coconut palms wrapped in lava lavas and nestled amongst picked flowers. To read more about Coconut Mutts’ history, click here.

The mission of Coconut Mutts is to improve the standard of care for animals in American Samoa. Through collaboration with America Samoan entities dedicated to animal welfare and as well as using resources available on the US mainland, Coconut Mutts is dedicated to ethical and sustainable programming that benefit not only the animal population of American Samoa, but the communities as well.

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