Volunteer Veterinarian Program February 2020

The Relief Volunteer Veterinary Clinic is scheduled for February 11th to 14th and 17th to 21st 2020. This relief clinic will provide life saving procedures and care. Coconut Mutts is sponsoring two volunteer veterinarians: Dr. Kristen Jensen (former territorial veterinarian); Dr. Brett Grover (Coconut Mutts’ 2019 volunteer veterinarian); and two volunteer veterinary technicians Angela Elia and Becky Wade. All our veterinarian volunteers are flying from the mainland to spend two weeks volunteering their time, skills and hearts to help the islands’ animals. Services they will provide include:

  • Spay and neuter surgeries
  • Vaccinations
  • Parasite treatments
  • Health checks
  • Treatment of sick animals
  • Mange treatments
Appointments are needed for pets to be seen by the staff. Please contact the clinic in American Samoa in Tafuna to make appointments: 684-699-9445.

The islands currently do not have a small animal veterinarian. The single veterinary clinic has been operating with minimal supplies and, while the staff is sacrificing so much to help the thousands of dogs and cats in the islands, help is desperately needed. Donations can be made through our website HERE. 

Coconut Mutts was launched in 2016 and each year the donations have helped all programs, including our 2017 Remote Island Veterinary Clinic in the Manu’a Islands, the Healthy Pets, Healthy Island Program in 2018 and Volunteer Veterinarian Program in June 2019.

Stay tuned for more updates and continue reading for more information about our June 2019 Volunteer Veterinarian Program:

In 2019, thanks to a grant from the Banfield Foundation and donation from our communities around the world, Coconut Mutts was able to sponsor Dr. Bret Grover on a spay neuter project to American Samoa in June 2019. We had many requests from the territory to for aid. The islands have been without a veterinarian since Dr. Kristen left the island in early 2019 and there is uncertainty surrounding when the position will be filled. We’ve received several pleas from pet owners and animal advocates for help. Their stories are heartbreaking. To be frank, animals are suffering. We sought a veterinarian with both US and DEA licenses.

Dr. Bret offered spay/neuter services, vaccinations, and needed medical care to the pets of Tutuila. This project was in cooperation and with the help of the staff of the Department of Agriculture Veterinary Clinic. The Banfield Foundation  graciously helped us purchase medical supplies. We hope this will be the first of many sponsored veterinary assistance trips for the territory. We continue to work to improve the future of animal welfare in American Samoa. Dr. Bret and the team performed nearly 200 SURGERIES!!! These life saving, life changing surgeries would not be possible without the support of the American Samoa community. Thank to all who helped and supported Dr. Bret and the team as we all try to provide some relief for the islands’ Coconut Mutts. We would like thank all our donors, the incredible response and support we received from the online community and, most of all, the community of American Samoa for welcoming Dr. Bret and supporting the Volunteer Veterinary Program. Donations are appreciated!! For questions about appointments, please call the Veterinary Clinic at 684-699-9445.