Veterinarian Needed

It’s with genuine sadness that we bid Dr. Kristen a fond farewell as she begins a new job in Santa Fe to continue her work with animals. We wish her the best of luck on her future adventures! In the mean time, the ASG Department of Agriculture Veterinary Clinic is still in need of a replacement veterinarian. We are calling upon our community to please help us spread the word. You can share this page directly or download the position announcement. Please see below for more details:

Beautiful US territory of American Samoa in the south Pacific Ocean seeks mixed animal veterinarian for position of Territorial Veterinarian. Anticipated start date is January 2019. This position is offered through the American Samoa Government Department of Agriculture. The position is multi-faceted and includes: running small government clinic providing service to dogs, cats, and pigs; continuing active spay/neuter program to control dog and cat overpopulation; maintaining and overseeing quarantine requirements for animal importations; assistance in developing programs improving swine management, health, and production on island.

Government housing available
Generous vacation
Government employee access to healthcare 
Rich recreational opportunities

US license required 
DEA license required
Strong surgical skills
Ability to adapt and work in remote, tropical location

Contact for more information:

Kristen Jensen, DVM

Vinny gets a Dr. Kristen kiss while he heals from a broken leg after being hit by a car