Kelsey Johnson – Director/Founder

Kelsey fell in love with American Samoa during a recent job assignment on the islands. While living in AS, she started rescuing animals. Her efforts started off conservatively by shuttling the seven neighborhood orange tabby cats to the veterinarian clinic. Things quickly picked up pace until she was plucking puppies out of the jungle to take to the veterinarian and whisking kitten formula as part of her nightly routine. Her assignment in AS was temporary and while she had to leave the islands, she has not given up the cause to continue providing aid to the animals left behind.

As a park ranger, Kelsey has spent her career working within the conservation field as an educator and natural resource manager. She is passionate about environmental justice, empathy and community empowerment. She has a Masters of Science degree in Resource Management.

Some of the original Coconut Mutts call her house their Forever Home. The kittens now sleep comfortably on Kelsey’s face and Matai serenades them to sleep with his signature snoring. The amount of sleep Kelsey enjoys is unknown at the time.