Jessica Sutherland – Board Member

Jessie is a zookeeper in Washington State who visited American Samoa for the first time recently. What was supposed to be a vacation quickly turned into a mission to (as she describes) save “all” of the animals in Samoa.

Jessie has worked in the zoological field for 15 years as a conservationist and educator. On a daily basis, Jessie cares for and trains animals ranging from a lynx to bald eagles. She is passionate about empathy towards species and the power that the concept has within the field of conservation. She has a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and Animal Science. She also works as a dog trainer, specifically in aggression therapy and has volunteered for local veterinarians for many years.

Jessie cohabitants with Heath, a career-changed guide dog. Heath unfortunately did not make it through guide-dog training, but hold no regrets as he gets to sleep on Jessie’s bed every night.