Alanna Olear – Board Member

Alanna is a native to Buffalo, New York and recent graduate from the environmental engineering program at University of Buffalo. Throughout her academic and professional career, she has pursued her passion for science and the environment. Post-graduation, Alanna grabbed a job opportunity to travel 5000 miles away from home to immerse herself in a lifestyle contradistinctive to her New York roots, which included delectable restaurants and exhilarant night life.

She resided and worked in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on the main island of American Samoa. Employed by the power authority as a water engineer there, she specialized in GIS and water distribution modeling. She adopted the Fa’a Samoa or “the samoan way” mentality of relaxing and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Coconuts were consumed daily.

Since moving to American Samoa, Alanna cultivated an animal family which consists of Tuni and Fia, her dog and cat respectively. Tuni is one of the original Coconut Mutts. Alanna and Tuni discovered each other on the side of a cliff during a storm, coincidently designated Cyclone Tuni. From the day Alanna plucked Tuni out from under the wind tossed coconut trees, they have been inseparable and he now lives with her in New York.

Alanna is a Coconut Mutts Board Member